Eyephedrine (formerly DiscoBrick) 2.32 Mac Intel+ARM is now available [UPDATE]   Recently updated !

Eyephedrine is an advanced audio visualizer, completely based on OpenGL and packaged in a single App for macOS. It works with the internal microphone or any other audio device recognized by the Mac. [UPDATE v2.32: finally solved the f***g “OpenGL quarter screen problem” on Big Sur, thanks to all the testers!] Natively build for Intel […]

iCursor 2.12 Mac Intel+ARM is now available! [UPDATE]   Recently updated !

Add trails of stars, fire and pulsating hearts to your cursor with iCursor.It runs in the system tray and is optimized for minimal impact on system resources (less than 0.7% CPU on a 2012 low-end MacMini!!! … yes… it mine :)) [UPDATE v2.12: finally solved the f***g “OpenGL quarter screen problem” on Big Sur, thanks […]

DiscoBrick Pro 2.0 now with MIDI e MPE!!!   Recently updated !

Now available version 2.00 of DiscoBrick which has a nice new house here: http://www.discobrick.com. In the news:– new high resolution textures;– engine updated;– (PRO) full support of MIDI / MPE (Roli devices etc) which can be used both to customize the scenes (for example speed, colors and shape) and as “audio input”, the MIDI input […]

Software in Real World   Recently updated !

Well yes, after a short (so to speak) pause with various tales for kids I go back to industrial information technology which is a real challenge: to control millions of channels, smpte, can, midi etc and stay in a 500th of a second .. . well these are the things that distinguish the decent programmer […]

DiscoBrick 1.50 now available on Mac App Store   Recently updated !

a quick history: 1.50: – fixed a bug that prevented the rearrangement of the scenes in the scene window (thanks Hunter); 1.41: – improved textures filters; – eliminated a bug regarding the intraocular distance (only for 3d stereo); – balanced effects against excessive input in certain scenes (eg: the Gauge series); – remade some scenes […]

C3 | Chimera 3volved   Recently updated !

Engine C3, a total revamp of Chimera, is almost completed (assuming that an engine can be defined as completed …). C3 contains a lot of advanced features: it is completely shader-based and contains many postprocessing effects such as filmgrain, depth-of-field etc. but probably the best thing is that it runs on Windows (core 330), macOS […]